Sunday, March 4, 2007

one week to go

One week to go! This next Saturday is moving day. Kind of exciting.

This weekend was busy, too. On Friday afternoon, Becky's parents came to town with some stuff that we needed to take up to Boulder. So we caravaned up there and officially moved our first things into the house. Then on Saturday morning we loaded up their pickup with stuff to take back to Haxtun.

It was nice to have Becky's parents around on Friday and Saturday. On Friday we were meeting with our selling agent and Becky's dad was kind enough to entertain Joel and Kate by crafting some animals with modelling clay and then also watching Thomas the Tank Engine. I think Roy should know all about Thomas, Gordon and Percy by now!

Our house is scheduled to be listed on March 14, but yesterday our agent called to say that a family wanted to view our house in a few minutes. Again, we were fortunate to have Roy and Kathy around because they were able to help us get the house cleaned up a bit in a few minutes and then also entertain Joel and Kate again while we were showing the house. Thank you grandma and grandpa for your help!!

Today was our last day at First Mennonite Church and they had a nice sending prayer for us and then also hosted a cake reception for us after the service. It is amazing to see again what a caring community we have been apart of this last 10+ years.

This week will be busy getting the house packed up. If any of you happen to have free time on Saturday, March 10 and want to help us move, please give us a call or e-mail at (alfred dot sawatzky at gmail dot com).

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