Wednesday, March 21, 2007

we have arrived (and new pictures, too)

On March 10th we moved from Denver to Boulder. We had reserved a 26 foot UHaul truck for the day, but when I showed up a the store to pick it up, they had overbooked. So they gave us a 17 foot truck and a trailer. By noon we had completely packed the truck and trailer and by mid afternoon we were up at our house in Boulder. We got the stuff all into the house by dinner time and then I headed back to Denver with my friend John to get another load from our garage. Once we had brought all that back to Boulder I had to return the truck to Denver that same night. So it was a very long day but we got most everything moved.

I think that it went as efficiently as it did because Becky had been so well organized with packing boxes starting one month before the move. I'm afraid that if the organizing would have been left up to me, we would have been pulling some "all nighters" the days before the move. It would not have been a pretty sight. Thank you Becky, for all your hard work on the move!!

We had alot of help on moving day, too. In both Denver and Boulder we were assisted by Grandma and Grandpa Pfaltzgraff. Uncle Roy was a wonderful packer and he got those boxes into the truck and trailer as tight as they could possibly be. Susan helped with moving boxes but very importantly also helped entertain Joel and Kate.

In Denver we were also helped by our friends from FMC. Thank you to Randal, Lisa, Merle, Evan, Liz and Derek! Loading a truck is hard work and your help made the difference between a good day and the stressful day it could have been.

In Boulder, we were joined by Great Grandma Krehmeyer who shared some very tasty brownies with all of us. Also helping with the move were Alfred's friends from work (both past and present). Thanks to Darren, John, Roger and his son Adam! You all made the unloading go fast and efficiently.

We are settling into life in Boulder. Alfred has started cycling to work (about 15 minutes each way) and Becky, Joel and Kate are finding their way around Boulder quite well. This weekend we purchased a used trailer for the bicycle so that we can pull Joel and Kate around in it. Today they got cute little bicycle helmets to protect them in the trailer.

Well, those are some of my ramblings. Click on the picture below to see pictures from our Move as well as the rest of our March 2007 album.

From March 2007

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